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This decade’s great paradox is that change is the constant.

In the current environment of unprecedented pressures and uncertainties, companies of all sizes are at the mercy of this modern day paradox. When an organizations goes through a change—whether a progressive change or a crisis-response change—attention is focused on the reshaping of the organizational systems themselves. Managers are left with the job of finding ways to implement the change, make the change understood, embraced and effectively driven by the employees they manage.

The more penetrating the change and the more “fixed” the prevailing practices have been, the more prepared will managers ultimately need to be to effectively carry out the transitional “breaking with the past” and realigning with new practices—to effectively go from “before” to “after.”

Kel Bergan Consulting was founded in 1994 to provide management consulting and team training for large and mid-size corporations. We specialize in helping companies manage change, especially during mergers and restructuring OR when implementing organization-wide strategic initiatives.

What sets Kel Bergan Consulting apart is our deep desire to make a difference in each company's experience of success. We recognize that you live in a complex world, and that this world is continually changing. We are committed to providing services that help carry you to long-term success as simply, effectively and frugally as possible, while building your own skills at managing the many facets of change.

We listen, we probe, we support, in order to deliver what you need to be successful. We believe we have a responsibility to be nothing less than excellent, and we are committed to helping you focus on getting better results with less time and effort.

Our mission is to leverage human performance effectively to overcome organizational challenges.

The power in what we do lies in our ability to help organizations foster in their employees a lasting personal commitment to change.

Our commitment is to help companies and individuals develop the leadership tools, group effectiveness skills and high performance strategies necessary for success in today's fast-changing business world.


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